Technical support for cultural and social events

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Everything for your party ...

We offer quality material, capacity range offered for rent and the complexity of services.

Our main business is renting party tents for cultural, social and sporting events and saloon halls for display and storage purposes.

When selecting a vendor, we decided to invest in quality and safety, because our partner is a reputable company Röder Zelt und Vearangstaltungsservice with over 40 years of tradition, which is the "mobile estate" European top ....

The executed events for your selection

Racing KarpatiaRacing Karpatia Please see my site and let be inspired how to prepare and decorate any space. Thanks to the party headquarters
Wish Tree U.S. Steel Charity concert for children from orphanages was held at the State Theatre in Kosice. Recording from a concert broadcast STV.
Holiday Inn Zilina - ConferenceHoliday Inn Zilina - Conference Providing any conference for Trade Consult is not a problem. Try to have inspired such a conference, with organizers we
Technical support for cultural and social events
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